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Friday, January 9, 2015


WOW! What a fun Christmas morning! The kids must have been extra good this year, because they definitely made Santa's "nice" list! Preston had asked Santa for a trampoline and a "pooping dog game" aka Doggie Doo and Kelsey wanted her first American Girl Bity Baby doll. Well, Santa delivered everything they wanted and MORE! I think I was the most excited person in our house Christmas morning. I was up, ready to go and the rest of my house slept in until 9:30! I was pacing the floors and blasting Christmas music trying to wake everyone up to see what Santa brought! Finally everyone woke up and I could barely keep Preston in our room while daddy brushed his teeth. He was trying to push me down to go see what Santa had brought! The excitement quickly filled the house and what a joyful morning we had! Kelsey was thrilled with all of the paper, bows and candy canes on her first Christmas morning, while Preston couldn't decide what to play with first. It was a blast, loved seeing these little ones eyes light up with the joy of Christmas morning!
Putting out reindeer food to prepare for Santa

We sprinkled the whole yard!

SO excited

A little more

Santa CAME!!

Preston's load from Santa

Kelsey's load from Santa

Our stockings

Still sleeping, WAKE UP!!! SANTA CAME!
The calm before the storm

Thrilled to see his goodies


Presents from mommy and daddy

More presents from mommy and daddy

Kelsey's first Christmas!

Checking out her goodies

Sweet baby looking at her new baby

She likes the paper

Our sweeties

Stocking time

What is all of this?!

LOVED the candy cane!

More fun!

Sees his trampoline set up outside!

Our grateful boy saying "Thank you so much!"

More fun with the candy cane!

Mommy and Kels opening presents

Look at me!!


Our silly bunch having fun!

What a beautiful morning!