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Friday, January 9, 2015

Jingles and Bell

Jingles and Bell are our favorite little elves that Santa sent us this year to watch over the kids and report back to Santa each night on the kids behavior! We had so much fun with them this year. They did all kinds of fun stuff for the kids! Below are most of the days captured on film so we can remember their visits for years to come. Thanks Santa for sending us the best elves ever! And thanks Jingles and Bell for everything!!


Excited to see that Jingles and Bell have arrived

Showing baby sister

They brought an advent calendar to count down the days until Christmas

So fun!


Caught playing Connect Four

I forgot to take a picture, but the kids got Christmas jammies


Just hanging out


Brought a couple of Christmas books to read


Keeping a look out for Santa


Sack race with some of our toys


They brought us a gingerbread house

Actually it was a village!

We had fun putting it together


Paints and coloring books

DAY 10

They got captured by Preston's army men

DAY 11

Reading some new books for P & K in the bean bag chairs

DAY 12

Brought some Jingle Bells for Preston to take to his class for mom to be Mystery Reader

DAY 13

Choo Choo, Gingerbread Men coming through

SO fun

DAY 14

Snowball fight! AND they brought the kids magic snowballs from the North Pole!

DAY 15

So sleepy from their travels

DAY 16

Playing with the brave knights and the castle

DAY 17

Hanging in the stockings and delivered some fun stuffed animals

DAY 18

They brought some cute aprons so the kids could help us in the kitchen

DAY 19

Brought some new Christmas games

DAY 20

We had a visitor "Scout" (Riley, Kaylin and Kinley's elf) came with  Jingles and Bell to deliver some cookie stuff while the kids cousins were here visiting

DAY 21
Jingles and Bell were in the ICE box with tickets to ICE!

Scout was helping show us where they were!

DAY 22

Hiding in the tree with a couple new movies

So excited to see what they brought today!

DAY 23

Brought a map of the North Pole and an authentic Elf training manual to see what the elves and Santa were up to on this busy day

DAY 24-The last visit before Santa comes!
Jingles and Bell were sad to say goodbye! Santa would come tonight! They brought Christmas jammies, slippers, hot chocolate & stuff to make cookies and cupcakes for Santa

Preston was allowed to give them a hug and kiss goodbye

They will be missed

Kelsey's turn to give hugs

Fun first Christmas season with these elves!