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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas #1-My Family

The weekend before Christmas my brother, Shelly, their kids and my mom all came to our house to celebrate Christmas! It was the first time I've hosted my family at our house, so I loved it! Preston always enjoys having his cousins around and Kelsey is getting to where she loves playing with them too. We woke up Saturday morning and opened presents as if it were Christmas morning. Then we stuffed ourselves silly with turkey, dressing and all the trimmings. It was a delicious meal and I loved sharing it with my family. After we ate, we relaxed, decorated cookies, played some games and watched the kids play. Drew, Shelly, Steve and I made it a late night with more games and a late night visit from the neighbors for even more fun. Sunday morning came too early, but we had to get a move on because our fantastic elves delivered tickets for us all to go to ICE at the Gaylord. Unfortunately, our visit was cut short because my big boy started feeling bad, so we missed out on ICE and came home for some much needed rest. It was a wonderful Christmas with my family. Love them all and I'm so thankful for every chance we get to spend with one another.
Ready to open presents

Kelsey's 1st Christmas

She wanted to open everyone's presents

Lots of gifts

She loved the paper

Excited about his gifts

Sweet kaylin

Riley boy

Yay for presents

Cookie time

Let's decorate

And eat a little

Silly pic

Preston's cookies

Riley still working hard

Minute to Win It game time

Too fun

Having a blast

Snowball fight (with ping pong balls)

More snowball fighting

Kinley's turn

All the beautiful cookies

Sleepy boys

Kels and Uncle Drew

Sweet kids at the Gaylord