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Monday, December 29, 2014

Kelsey is 10 months old and Preston is 4!

Wow 10 months old already?! Unbelievable! We have had an eventful month, so not a whole lot to post here as most pictures I have this month pertain to a particular event that I will be posting about separately. A few updates on Kelsey... she is standing up on her own without holding on to anything and remaining standing for a few seconds. I think it is only a matter of time until she takes off walking! She still loves playing in the pantry while I'm cooking! This became even more evident as I spent a lot of the holidays in the kitchen! One of my favorite things she is doing now is yawning, very loudly! haha I love hearing her yawn, its as if she wants everyone in the room to know she's getting sleepy! Super cute! She also got baptized which was a very special day for us all (see separate post)! Her brother is still her favorite person, she wants to do everything he is doing and if she can't, she just wants to watch him do it. It's sweet! Preston is continuing to grow into a handsome young man! He's got his wink down, which I'm sure will come in handy when dealing with the girls in years to come. He is going to be such a little knock out! He also had his first Christmas Program. We were so proud of him and the incredible job he did (see separate post). He is really enjoying school. I knew this when he woke up one day and wasn't feeling great and I asked if he felt good enough to go to school and he said, "YES! I can't miss all the fun!" Makes me happy to know he is happy. Life is good, busy, but good! We are so blessed and so grateful for these two beautiful blessings!
Watching big brother play

A picture by Preston "Me and mommy"

Our tree is ready for gifts

We let Preston pick the color of our lights, red, green and white

Arts and crafts

Our handsome boy

Sassy girl ready to shop with mommy

He loves the carousel

HI mommy!

Sweet girl

He loves playing with his army men

Little pic with Gingy

My cute kids in their Christmas attire


So happy

Loves the train around the tree


Still likes dressing up

Caught trying to play with the tree

Ready to see Santa

Sweet kiddos with Santa, they were good this year!

Trip to the mall

Love these kids

The trains at North Park


At brothers Christmas party at school

Preston's Busy Bee class with Ms. Deb

My boy

Proud daddy excited to be at the party too

Such sweet children ready for their book exchange

Ready to open his book

Carson, Preston and Luke playing

Class picture (left to right): Carson, Sloan, Preston, Sophia, Marabella, Luke, Solomon, Halle and Maris

Preston, Solomon and Carson being silly

Sweet boy

She loves the presents under the tree

Cutie pie

Preston loves rearranging the nativity, I find it in a new position every day

My little baker in training

So cute

Happy girl