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Monday, December 15, 2014

Here Comes Santa!

The kids got to meet Santa a couple of times this year. The first pictures are from a Northern Lights Festival here in Prosper at Prestonwood Baptist Church. They had a neat little festival that the kids enjoyed and got to meet Santa.

Last weekend we had appointment that Jingles and Bell (our Elves) made for us to see Santa! Preston was thrilled to sit in the big guys lap and tell him what he wanted. His list this year is, "a trampoline and a pooping dog game". haha We always get a couple chuckles when he says this. There really is a game called Doggie Doo that he is wanting, and its exactly as he says. Got to love little boys!. =) They got their time in Santa's lap, no tears! Kelsey wasn't exactly sure, but since brother was doing it, she thought it must be okay.  Preston asked Santa what kind of cookies he likes and he said, "chocolate chip!" Then Preston asked what his reindeer liked and Santa said, "Rudolph loves cheese, and heres a little secret, Santa likes cheese and Coca-Cola too!" It was a sweet visit. A few pictures are captured below. What a fun time of year! Merry Christmas!