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Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving in Colorado

This year we went to Beaver Creek for Thanksgiving with my family. Unfortunately, our entire family came down with the bug either right before, during or immediately following the fun trip. I had it the day before and then Steve got it the day we were leaving. It was a pretty miserable start to our trip. That day of traveling to Denver then to Beaver Creek, felt like an eternity! We got there and Steve went straight to bed. Luckily the next morning he was ready to go! Good thing because we had a private family ski lesson scheduled that morning. Preston was unsure at first and kept saying, "I'm not going to ski" and then he saw us get our equipment, and he wanted equipment too! We went and got our gear and Preston was pumped! He thought those ski boots were pretty cool! We proceeded to meet our ski instructor for the morning and Preston had his very first ski lesson! He did fantastic! We had a blast watching him! That evening we went to dinner at Splendido for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It was a pretty upscale and by the 3rd course all the kids were just wanting their turkey! Our favorite moment was when the  hors d'oeuvres were brought out, the kids faces were priceless as they looked at their plate of unknown food! Poor Kaylin fell asleep at the table before the turkey arrived. All of the kids were fantastic though. Kelsey slept through the entire dinner and Preston, though exhausted managed to be a big boy throughout the meal. Made us proud! Friday we got up and hit the slopes again. Preston had his second lesson and got to ride the "magic carpet" up the hill and ski down. He did such a great job! We were super proud of our little skier.  Stephen and I got a little time to ski together Friday as well which was a lot of fun. Kelsey enjoyed the snow, she didn't really know what to think/do when we put her in the snow but figured it out pretty quickly after watching brother and her big cousins play in it! That evening we did s'mores, then went to the Christmas tree lighting where the kids all got to see Santa! Pretty cool!  We spent the day Saturday in the Village doing a little shopping and letting the kids play in the snow. We did manage to get in one run that last day. =) That night we went to dinner at the Dusty Boot with the family and then Stephen and I got a little date night at the hot tub. We left early Sunday morning and watched the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen! It was an amazing trip! Beaver Creek might be one of my favorite places in the world! It's always a good time!  I love seeing Preston and Kelsey with their cousins, they are always have a blast and the big kids are always so wonderful with our little ones! I love getting to share in these moments with my family and I'm so grateful that my children are getting to enjoy these experiences as well. Feeling blessed and extremely thankful this year!
Snow Angel

Yay for snow!


So excited to be in Colorado

Do you want to build a snowman?

My boy ready to ski

1st day of ski school

He likes it!

Worked up a sweat

Riding on the gondola

My ski partner and our instructor

Building another snowman

Mini snowman

Snowball fight with Nana

Enjoying the view

Too cute

Kisses from Nana

Bundled up Kinley

S'more time!

So happy

More snowman fun

One of my favorite places on earth

With my favorite person!

Little snow bunny

My girl and I ready for Thanksgiving dinner

Cute cousins ready to eat


What is this?!

Haha, their faces are priceless

Nana and the kids cousins

Drew and Shelly

Me and my handsome hubby

Mom with her two incredible kiddos ;)

Sleeping beauty

Still unsure about this meal

My big boy!

Excited for another day of skiing

Riding the magic carpet by himself

Look at him go!

So big!

Watching big brother

So fun

Handsome Riley boy

Our little skier

Cheering on Preston

Kinley, Kelsey, Mom and I

Our little snow crew

The whole crew at the base of the mountain

This kid LOVES the snow

Drew's crew skiing together

Hitting the slopes

Beautiful Aspens

Top of the mountain view

Love this man!


Skiing down to our resort

So big carrying his own skis

Taking the lift back up!


Lovin life

Ready for tree lighting

Cute kiddos

Ready to see Santa

Tree lighting

Drew and Shelly enjoying fireworks

Truly incredible fireworks display with this awesome guy

Decorating cookies

Sweet cousins

Great big brother pushing sister

Cutie warming up by the fire

Having so much fun!

Sweet Kaylin

The Workman girls

Our lil family getting warm



Preston's favorite statue

Riding the gobndola up to play in the snow

Awesome cousins

Having fun!

Loving the snow

Tried to get them all looking

Cute Kinley

Sweet girl

Kaylin having fun

Big Riley lookin like a stud

Having a ball

Yay for snow

Time for a little sledding


Just a chair made out of snow and two awesome girls

Riley sledding

Hey good lookin!


Making snowballs with Uncle Steve/Daddy

Best snowballs ever!

A beautiful sunrise to bid us farewell