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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Halloween 2015

This year we didn't have a family theme, instead Preston decided he and daddy were going to be Army guys and since Kelsey wanted to be Minnie Mouse, Preston thought mommy should be Minnie too. So there you have it, we were Army guys and Minnie Mouse. We had lots of fun in the weeks leading up to Halloween as well. We had a Halloween party at our house which the kids LOVED! We played fun games like Punch the Pumpkin, Donut on the string, pumpkin bowling, Paint a pumpkin, Halloween BINGO and a sensory table! All of the kids had a great time and I think the adults did too!

For Halloween Mimi and Papa came over for some fun trick-or-treating time! We also met up with our neighbors Gara, Clayton, Pierce and Lillie Grace. The kids had a blast together! The boys really knew what to do this year, there was no hesitation! The girls were a little shy in the beginning, but after they realized there was candy involved they jumped out of that wagon pretty quick! We made it over to Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene's and took Vivi with us to a few houses too. It was a fun Halloween!
Kelsey as Minnie Mouse

Preston-A Special Operations Army Guy ready for his party


Punch a Pumpkin Game

Pumpkin Bowling

Fruit Cups Disguised as Pumpkins

Chips and Dips

Skeleton Food

Worm Pudding

Blood Red Jello

Preston having fun with the sensory table- Witches Drool, Skeleton
Eyeballs, Monster Brains and Zombie Blood

Aunt Stephie and Uncle Gene dressed for the party

All the kids ready to party

Kelsey and Preston Punching the Pumpkin

Donut on a string

Zachary, Preston and Blakelee

Kels Painting her pumpkin

Sweet Vivian dressed as Batgirl

Preston and friends painting their pumpkins

Donut on a string game

Party prepping

The obligatory Facebook post

Halloween morning digging through the treat bags

We got a skeleton!

So fun!

Ready for trick-or-treating

Kelsey (1) and Mommy as Minnie Mouse!

Halloween breakfast Bat and pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes


Good looking army men-Preston (5)  and Daddy

New and Old Minnie Mouse

Mimi and Minnie

Our lil army man and Papa

Kelsey, Preston, Mimi and Papa

My little loves

Trick or treat!

Trick or treating in style- Kelsey and Lillie Grace

These boys were SO excited! Preston and Pierce

Enjoying a lillipop

Love them!

Preston and Daddy being cool

A little nervous of the scary hand, but they got their candy!

Yay! Aunt Steph, Uncle Gene and Vivian as Tinker Bell