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Monday, November 30, 2015

October 2015

This year is going by so quickly and these kids are growing up just as fast! Here are some fun pictures we captured last month of my favorite kiddos! I love these two more than words could ever express!
Can hardly see, but Preston is wearing daddy's boots! Big shoes to fill!

Sweet kids miss each other while Preston is at school

Preston's 1st play date with his buddy  Luke

Having a blast

Preston's TK class

Big boy enjoying s'mores

Aunt Stephanie reading to Preston

Kelsey roasting some marshmallows

Kelsey takes her baby everywhere

Mommy and Daddy had a fun date night with our boy

He might be a big boy, but he still loves his lovey


Big brother teaching sister how to ride his 4 wheeler

Kelsey and Mimi enjoying some fun together

Happy girl

Preston wanted to fix his hair in a mohawk

Preston and Kelsey with Mimi and Papa

Kelsey's first carousel ride 

Brother held her hand

Preston's TK class visits the pumpkin patch for his first ever field trip!

He picked out his pumpkin

Hunter, Preston and Luke ready to say their prayers and eat lunch at the pumpkin patch

Love that I get to share these special days with my boy!

Time to carve pumpkins

Two BIG helpers

Having fun


Good lookin bunch

Daddy's girl

Crazy boys

My sweet girl

Best attempt at a family selfie

My little Cinderella

So excited to have daddy home for the weekend

She loves her Minnie ears and Cinderella shoes

Kelsey, still enjoying her Minnie ears

Loving that baby

Spending a little time outside

Preston's Fall Festival at school

Doing a little fishing

Mommy's happy she could work the game room for Preston's school

Handsome Army man in his school parade

Preston's class in the parade

Good lookin boy in the back!

My cute girl

Preston's cheering crew for the parade

Snack time

More baby doll time

Preston watching cartoons with all his stuffed animals

Preston getting tackled by his little girlfriend at school (Blakelee)