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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Februray- Preston 4, Kelsey 1!

This has been a whirlwind of a month! Three birthdays, Valentine's Day and a birthday party for Kelsey, whew! I haven't had time to think about my baby turning 1 or all the fun my big boy is having at 4! I have managed to capture some fun times we've shared this month. We saw a few days of beautiful Springy weather, but that was quickly followed by snow and ice! Both of our kids are such a blessing and bring so much joy to our lives each and every day! I can't help but smile as I look through these pictures of the best kids on earth! Mommy and daddy love you two more than life itself!
Drinking hot chocolate with mommy

Playing at the mall

Giving sister kisses

Sweet baby girl in mommy's favorite night gown so far

My handsome boys

Nothing like playing in a box!

Decorating the box

So fun!

Little stud


Backing out with daddy before work

She's getting brave on this slide

My big boy climbing the rock wall


My little pirate getting donuts before school with mommy


All dressed up-wizard, night, skeleton

Walking around everywhere these days

Watching brother play outside

Sweet little angel

Kelsey playing after church

Having fun

Preston showing us all his tricks

My babies

So sleepy, fell asleep at her high chair

My silly boy backing out with daddy

Ready to roll on this pretty day!

Blowing bubbles for sister

Scary face

Writing with chalk on the driveway

Getting VERY brave on this slide

Big boy riding his bike around the neighborhood

Kelsey in Papa's hat

At the park with Mimi and Papa

Preston and Mimi enjoying the nice weather

Preston and Papa playing

Sleeping beauty

Wearing daddy's Aggie cap

Pushing around her baby

Practicing fishing so he can go with daddy and Papa

Out for a family stroll

Family selfie

She loves to eat!

My boys relaxing

He loves building forts

And goes to sleep with his "men" he plays with

Preston and Kelsey sword fighting

She's getting into everything, I have to remain close behind

She loves pulling around her blankie

Kelsey's such a happy girl

Preston playing on the playground at school-Solomon is chasing him

At school chasing Halle and the other girls

Preston at school chasing Chloe (his first crush) at recess

Finally big enough to ride his big wheels

Ready to hunt

Love this little face

Still not too big to snuggle with mommy

My girl playing in her chair with her baby

Kelsey pulling around her baby doll

Sportin his shades

My sweet boy
Headed to Desserts with Dad at Preston's school

My girl thinking her baby doll wagon is also for her!