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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break

This was Preston's first Spring Break! We didn't really have much planned for Spring Break, but wanted to do something fun, so we decided to go visit Nana. Unfortunately daddy had to work, but I still took the kids and although we missed daddy, we managed to have fun! Our first stop in our Spring break adventure was a surprise visit to a roller skating rink! Preston had never been roller skating, so we met Nana and some friends there and skated the afternoon away! Nana watched Kelsey while Preston and I made the rounds. Preston did great! He never even fell! Stud! He also decided that one of our friends we met Cassie, was pretty cute! They skated around holding hands and Preston told me, "Don't tell anyone, but I want to skate as long as Cassie wants to skate!" It was pretty cute! After a fun day of skating we went back to Nana's house for a little rest and relaxation. We love being at Nana's! She has a beautiful view overlooking the Brazos river. We love to sit on a big rock she has near her cliff, throw rocks down to the river and just enjoy the view. Its mesmerizing! I captured one of my all time favorite shots of Preston dressed as a cowboy wizard, in a trance overlooking God's beautiful creations! Preston and Kelsey both had fun running, playing and tearing up magazines all over Nana's floor (sorry Nana). Our last adventure at Nana's was a short drive to Fossil Rim, where we drove through a zoo. We had so much fun! It was an all day excursion, but we laughed, fed the animals, dressed up like animals and enjoyed the absolutely beautiful weather! We drove home watching the beautiful sunset.We came home the next day and spent the weekend with daddy. We missed him so much! Thanks for having us Nana and for always finding super fun things for us to do! We love you!
Renda, Robbie, Nana, Cassie and Preston at the skating rink

Nana and Preston watching kids limbo

Preston and Cassie

Preston's first time skating with mommy

Excited to skate

Nana and Kelsey

Preston and Cassie skating together

They had a ball

Kelsey snugglin with Nana

Preston and Kelsey destroying Nana's living room with magazine shreds

Preston playing outside at Nana's

Favorite picture, Preston loving the view at Nana's

My boy having fun!

Nana stealing kisses from kelsey

My sweet girl

Big brother giving sister hugs

King of the mountain!

Enjoying Spring!

Fossil Rim

Ready for an adventure

Kelsey loved the giraffe


So pretty

Nana feeding the animals


Zebras ate straight from our hands

All the animals did

Preston hanging out the sunroof watching the animals

Kids having fun with nana

Preston got a new cheetah mask!

He had so much fun!

Baby deer

This baby got sleepy!

But she still got her giraffe!

Pretty sunset as we drove home