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Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend Getaway

A couple of weekends ago Stephen and I went to Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma. We went to his companies lodge with some of his co-workers for a little getaway. It is always funny when we leave the kids. Regardless who is watching them, I become crazy mom and decide that I have to prepare for any possible situation with notes about everything, snacks and meal plans ready, along with clothes laid out for each day and night with corresponding notes for each child, any possible medicine that might be needed along with notes regarding dosage instructions for each med, insurance cards and phone numbers for all doctors, instruction for TV/DVD players and even phone numbers for delivery services in case food is needed. It is pretty funny! I had to take a picture to capture my craziness! This time Mimi and Papa watched both kids one night and then Steph and Gene took care of Kelsey the 2nd night. I think everyone had a really good time! Mimi and Papa took Preston to a birthday party, which he loved! I think Steph and Gene got a little sample of what its going to be like when their baby girl arrives! Stephen and I had a nice relaxing weekend! We sat by the lake, enjoyed the scenery, went for a nice run around the lake together, did a little karaoke, ate well, had a few drinks, sat by a camp fire, played some lawn games and enjoyed being kid-less for the weekend. It was a nice little getaway and the kids had a blast too! Of course we couldn't wait to get home to our babies! Thanks Mimi, Papa, Steph and Gene for taking such good care of them!

Beautiful lake

Having fun with my hubby

Love him!!

There were bald eagles there!

So pretty

Guys doing a little karaoke- "Friends in Low Places"

Crazy mom prepped for any possible scenario while we are gone!

My handsome boy- Papa took this pic

Preston having fun with Mimi at the birthday party while we were gone

Preston having fun with friends

Papa, Preston and Daddy getting in a little run before Papa left- Good lookin bunch of guys!