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Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a fun Easter this year with lots of festivities! We kicked off our festivities with an Easter egg hunt at Preston's school. Stephen and I both got to go watch the kids run for their eggs. Preston had fun and we got some cute pics of him with his little friends. We also went to meet the Easter bunny and colored Easter eggs. Saturday before Easter, we attended the Prestonwood Easter Egg drop where the Easter bunny dropped thousands of eggs from a helicopter! Preston and Kelsey both had fun! Easter Sunday we woke up and the Easter bunny came! The kids both got pretty awesome baskets and the bunny set up a special Easter egg hunt. Nana came in town and went to church with us. We had a great service! After church we went to Steph and Gene's for more Easter fun and to enjoy the brisket and ribs Stephen and I smoked all night. It was a super fun day with family!
Preston's egg hunt at school

Excited mommy and daddy came

Getting eggs

Found his favorite special one mommy brought


Sweet cheeks

Preston's Pre-K class the Busy Bees

Maris, Halle, Chloe and Preston

Chloe (Preston's 1st crush) and Preston

Ready to meet the Easter bunny
Handsome boy


Little doll

So happy

Met the Easter bunny

Time to color eggs

So fun

Having fun

Being silly

My good lookin family

Final eggs

Brother helping sis at the egg hunt

She got it down pretty quick


My boys

1st time getting face painted

Preston turn Batman

Our little Batman

Getting eggs

Lots of eggs

Even more eggs

Kels having fun

Hi Easter Bunny up there dropping eggs

Having a blast

We even ran into our neighbors! PReston and Pierce after getting eggs

Now time for some confetti fun!


Loving it

Get daddy!

We even got Kelsey

And Kelsey got mommy
I think the neighbors had fun!
The Easter bunny came!
We smoked brisket and ribs all night

Preston's favorite Easter bunny gift, brave knights

Enjoying going through his basket
More treats at Aunt Stephs

Sweet girl

Making a mess
More egg hunting
So fun!

Sweet boy

Little bunny

Our crew

Mom and I being silly

And sassy


Kels and papa

Preston listening intently

Playing with daddy

Dipping our feet in

Got to be like brother
Good daddy
Uncle Gene and Preston
Papa and Preston hanging out watching the guys play football

Its not Easter without football passes

Preston drove us home!

And wanted to continue decorating eggs

The final product

My sweet family

I'm one lucky girl!

Mota family on Mrs,. Mota's birthday (didn't get a group pic on Easter) 

Silly pic