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Monday, April 13, 2015


March was a fun/busy month! It is nice to finally have the weather changing from winter to spring! We saw the last bit of snow in March, but have also gotten to throw on some shorts. The kids love playing outside! They are both continuing to grow and make us so proud to be their parents! Life is SO good! Here are some recent pics of our sweet babies!
Loves going to the grocery store and saying, "HI!" to everyone we pass

Our brave knight

Kels loves giving brother big hugs

She also loves her baby doll

And pulling everything out of the cabinets

Sweet boy

Preston playing in the snow with Pierce and Lillie Grace

Big snowman

She thinks her baby dolls toys are for her!

Always such a happy boy!

And getting SO big!

Lovin on baby sister

Showing Kels around the house

"Momma watch me!"

Love this smiling face!

Sweet girl

She carries her blanket everywhere

Dressing up like brother

He's so cool

These two are out to find the bad guys

Daddy even got in on the fun

Happy girl

Still get snuggle time with my big boy

Fun date night to the Mavs game

Pooped out pirate

Loving the Spring weather

So cute

Just a swingin

Catchin a ride

She's getting big!

Did I mention shes into everything?!

But so cute

Sweet girl

Snuggle bug

Had to say goodbye to good friends that moved to north Carolina

Daddy's girl

My handsome boys


"Let's Fight"

Look at those sweet cheeks!