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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Preston's First Visit to Six Flags!

Last weekend we wanted to take Preston to Six Flags! We decided Preston needed some one on one time with mommy and daddy. Thankfully, we had Mimi and Papa watch Kelsey. It is important to us that Preston experiences all different types of activities, and we are so blessed to be able to share in some of these firsts with him! We want him to be able to say he's ridden a roller coaster and been to a theme park. Not only because its fun and we know it will fill his heart with joy. And we remember going as kids, so its a bit nostalgic. But I also think its important socially for him to have these experiences and be able to articulate the things he did and saw and joy that he felt while there! I know joy filled his heart just by watching this sweet boy experience all of these rides, we watched his eyes widen with awe as we walked around the park and he giggled as he danced with the Looney Toon characters. He had a blast and so did we! I love doing life with this sweet boy and his daddy! Can't wait to do the same with Kels when she gets a little older!
Ready for a fun day!

My boys

My big boy driven momma

Bugs feet!

Ferris Wheel

Preston's first roller coaster- Mini Mine Train

So excited


Runaway Mine Train-Big one-LOVED

Strong boys

Won Preston a cape

Dancing in the streets


Wylie Coyote

Preston's got moves

Mine Train again! Preston's favorite

Train around the park

Choo Choo

My Super Heroes

Pepe and the crew

Log ride-another favorite