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Monday, February 2, 2015

Buzz the Bee

Preston is in a class at school called the "Busy Bees". In their class they have a little mascot named Buzz. Each week one of the students gets to take Buzz home and journal about Buzz's adventures and then the students get to share back with the class the next week. Last week, Preston got to bring Buzz home! He was SUPER excited! We planned some fun stuff to keep Buzz entertained throughout the weekend. Preston was able to show Buzz some of his favorite places. See below the pictures we put in his journal for school.
Preston was so excited to bring Buzz home!

I first introduced Buzz to my baby sister

Then, we took Buzz to Starbucks for some Hot Chocolate and cookies

We had fun playing with Buzz at Starbucks

Then I took him home to show him my room

And I introduced him to all my other stuffed animals

Then Buzz and I snuggled up to watch a movie

Mimi and Papa came over later to meet Buzz

We even said our prayers together

We went to tell sister good night

And then we played with some army men

The next day, mommy and daddy surprised Buzz and I with a trip to the zoo!

Our whole family went to the zoo!

Buzz made friends with a bird

And he almost got eaten by an aligator

But the monkeys and I saved him

Sister played with Buzz for a while too

While I climbed on rocks with my daddy

Mommy loved getting to share the day with Buzz as well

Buzz helped us feed the giraffes

And made friends with a snake,

a couple of turtles, 

and even a duck!

That night, we had another surprise...We took Buzz to Preston's favorite place, Medieval Times!!

He got to see all the Brave knights

Buzz and I having fun with mommy
My daddy and Baby sister Kelsey had fun too
After a fun day, we went home and got ready for bed!
The next day Buzz got to meet my Pops who came in town for a visit. We had fun playing Brave Knghts!

We had a blast with Buzz and we hope he had a good time too! Thank you for letting him come home with Preston, we enjoyed having a special visitor. We love you Buzz!