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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Preston's Valentine Party

A couple of days before Valentine's, Preston had a party at school. They were sent home with white bags to decorate, so we had fun making "Valentino" as we named him. Preston was proud to take him to school! We also made some fun Valentine treats to hand out to his class. We put Hershey kisses and plastic bugs in a bag and said, "Happy Valentine's Day! Bugs and Kisses, Preston". They turned out pretty cute. The Valentine party was cute. His teacher Mrs. Deb dressed up like the Queen of Hearts and mommy and daddy both got to attend (along with baby sister). At the party they played musical chairs. Preston made it pretty far, but once he got out he became Mrs. Julie's big helper with the jukebox. He thought that was pretty cool (I think he's Mrs. Julie's favorite). After having some snacks and listening to the mystery reader we headed home and dug into his Valentine bag. He went through it several times. He thought everything was pretty special! It was a fun day at Sunshine Kids Preschool!!

Making his Valentine sack, "Valentino"

Valentino's ready for the party

Bugs and Kisses for Preston's friends

So excited for school today
My lil charmer

Preston with his first crush Chloe


Mrs. Deb "the Queen of Hearts"

Preston and his friend Halle (she has a crush on him according to her mom)

Musical chairs

Mrs. Julie's big helper

Story time with mommy

Story time with daddy

Ready to go read his Valentines

Quite the collection of Valentine's! This boy is LOVED!