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Monday, February 2, 2015

Preston 4, Kelsey 11 months!

This is the last post that Kelsey will be in months and not years! So hard to believe my baby girl is almost a year old! The time has flown by! People are right when they say, "don't blink, you'll miss it". I feel like if I hadn't taken this year off to really take in and enjoy  this time with Kelsey, she would've turned one before I even had a chance to blink! I am so thankful that I have had this extra time at home with her and with Preston! We have really enjoyed spending this time together. Kelsey is WALKING! I can't even believe it. She is precious as she toddles about the house. It's fun to watch her grow a little stronger each day. She also has several teeth trying to come in. I think she's on her way to having 8 teeth before she's 1! Poor baby, I know that hurts. =( She loves her big brother more than ever and is having to learn that his toys aren't hers. ;) She really looks up to him and wants to do everything he's doing at all times. Its pretty cute. Just seeing him brings the biggest smile to her face! Preston is continuing to be SO big! Everyday he surprises me with something he says that is so grown up! He is so incredibly smart! He loves school and is making so many friends. Its really fun to see him grow and get excited to see his friends each day.We registered him last week for another year at Sunshine Kids, so he is very excited about another year! He is growing in his independence as well, which is bitter sweet. Its great to see him venture out a little further without the support of mom or dad, but its also tough to know he doesn't need your hand quite as much as he used to. Sharing in these days with these two over this past year has been an incredible experience and I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love them both with all my heart!
Kelsey eating more solids


Wrestling with daddy

Playing in brothers fort

Supporting a friend whose child had a heart transplant


Doing a science experiment with mommy and daddy


Dance party!

Kelsey's dancing too

Loving eachother

Stephen and Z with their little princesses

Nikki and I with our boys

My little singer

Pushing her baby around

Officially walking

Preston at the Heard Museum

Preston and Papa enjoying a special day together

Preston and Mimi checking out the dinosaurs

Such a big boy!

My baby girl,  I love her hair!

Whats better than cereal?!

Waking up, sweet face

Trying to capture an 11 month pic with this one was hard

She loves her friend Pinkie

Looking cute

Best I got was in her highchair ready to eat!

My boy and I enjoying some hot chocolate together-Love this kid

Excited about his toy from Aunt Shelly and Uncle Drew

Likes to sneak around and scare us
Wanting to be with big brother