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Monday, February 2, 2015

Celebrating 10 Wonderful Years!

January 15, 2015 Stephen and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary! There have been so many things happen over the past 10 years. Some sad moments, some happy moments, some really exciting moments, some lazy moments, some adventurous moments, some anxious moments and some celebratory moments. But one thing has been constant throughout all of these different moments, and that has been the man standing next to me through it all! I could not ask for a better husband! We dated for several years before we got married, so total we've shared our lives and our journeys for the past 16 years! I knew in those dating years that I had found someone very special, someone I knew I wanted to share my life with, and I can say after sharing in all these moments over the past 10 years, I made the best decision of my life January 15, 2005 when I said "I Do!" to Stephen George Mota! It has been so amazing to share in all of these moments with the man of my dreams. I think of myself as the luckiest woman in the world! I get to wake up to someone who is always in a great mood when he gets out of bed, no matter what the day is going to bring. I get to live with someone who I know will always protect me and our family! I get to stay home with our children, because I know Stephen will provide for our family. I get laugh at jokes he says that always happen to come at just the right time! I get to talk to a man that I know is always listening and understanding. I get to watch him become a father that our kids are so blessed to have in their lives! I get to love a man that I know will always be there. I get to have the comfort of his arms around me when we say our prayers and close our eyes at the end of each day. I get to dream with a man that has just as big of dreams as I do. And, I get to experience life the my best friend, and the most incredible man I know! My cup overflows, my heart swells and my smile beams knowing that I have been blessed with this man! I can't wait to experience more moments with you Stephen Mota! I love life with you and I love you with ALL my heart! Happy 10 years!!

We celebrated with a fabulous trip to Austin, TX, (thanks to our parents who shared the task of watching our babies while we had some time away)! We started our journey in downtown Austin at the W and 6th street. We had lots of fun bar hopping and had a wonderful dinner at Jeffery's. After a fun evening downtown, we got up early to head over to Travassa Spa and Experiential Resort, where we would spend the rest of our weekend. This was such a fun place! Everything we did was at the resort. We had a blast! Our first adventure was the Equine Encounter. In this encounter we learned how body language works in leadership, and while working with a horse, we ultimately trained a horse to trust us and follow us. It was a very cool experience! After that we had a fabulous lunch and headed over to the Big Swing. This swing lifts you up 35 fet in the air and you pull a rip cord and it drops you. This was a rush! Stephen pulled the cord! We did it twice and I screamed like I thought I was going to die! haha, we laughed a lot! Following that rush of adrenaline, we headed to the spa for a relaxing afternoon of massages, facials, hot tub and sauna. It was blissful! WE ended the day with a delicious dinner and champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in our room. Such a fantastic day! The next morning we got up and headed out to the Pump Bike track. I thought for sure I was going to hurt myself trying to do this! I mean I haven't even ridden a bike in about 5 years! The track was intimidating, but Stephen and I both made it around multiple times without falling. I did have one really good fall, but managed to get back up and do it again. Stephen never fell, he was a champ! It was fun! After that, we headed over the the Challenge Course. We thought this would be a sort of obstacle course that ended with zip lining. Boy were we wrong! This entire course was 40 feet in the air! AHHHH! We did things like walk across a shaky bridge (with no arm rails), walk across a telephone pole, walk a tight rope and end with a zip line down. It was probably the most challenging thing I've ever done! Not really physically challenging, but mentally, to overcome the heights. It was crazy, but fun and we were both glad we did it. After that we let our heart stop racing while we ate some lunch. After lunch we headed out for a hike around the grounds and the onto the horse trails for a nice relaxing trail ride, it was really pretty! We ended our day with some archery, which was also a fun experience. Stephen and I both got bulls-eyes, which was fun! We headed home after that to see our babies which we missed SOOOO much! It was our first time leaving Kelsey, so it was great knowing that our kids were in such good hands with Nana, Mimi and Papa. Thanks again, for allowing us to get away and have some time together to celebrate 10 amazing years!
We wanted to take a picture with the jack rabbit to show Preston

Drinking a lunchbox

The W


Jeffery's delicious anniversary dinner (though with the flash on, it looks a bit like Jim's)

Our horse Jasper

Stephen training his horse

Jasper following Stephen, he did great!

My training begins

He became my buddy

Ready to swing

Going up!

It's high!


No hands!

Much needed champagne, cheese and strawberries in our room

Fun dinner with my love after spa treatments

Our patio

Our room
Fueling up for the day

Time for Pump Bikes

He was a champ

He made it!

I was so nervous!


Whew, I did it!

The Challenge Course 40' in the air

Getting ready!
We've got our ropes aka "life lines"

The view from up top!

Our first task, the bridge,,,So scared!

Steve up top

Tackling the bridge like a champ

The telephone pole

So high!

And the tight rope!

About to zip-line

Whew, we made it!

Time for some relaxing horse back riding

Through the water

Into the woods

So fun!

And pretty

My horse Rim and I

One of the cowboys was #1 calf roper in the world 5 years ago #5 today

Another obne of our cowboys who was a bucking bronco rider for years


It was so pretty there

ON a hike

Lovin it

Salido Gardens


And archery