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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Preston Graduates Pre-K

Its hard to believe that Preston's first year of school is already over! He had such a great class at Sunshine Kids Preschool! he loved his teachers Ms. Deb and Ms. Julie and made so many new friends! We are really going to miss seeing all these kids together next year! They had a cute little graduation ceremony last week. Preston's mommy, daddy, sister, mimi and papa all were able to attend. They sang cute songs, recited Bible verses they learned throughout the year and all walked across the stage to get a diploma. As they walked they were each asked to say what they want to be when they grow up. Preston walked proudly and spoke with confidence into that microphone! He said he wants to be, "A Knight"! It was super cute and we couldn't have been more proud of our sweet boy! Love you to the moon and back Preston! And you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up!
Ready for graduation

Papa and Mimi came to watch too!

Cutest lil graduate ever!

Getting so big!

Ms. Deb, Preston and Ms. Julie- his wonderful Pre-K teachers

Left to right: Arabella, Sloane, Chloe, Preston and Jordan

Chloe and Preston-Preston's 1st crush who he believes he will marry one day!

Left to right: Macsen, Arabella, Gianna, Sloane, Chloe, Preston, Jordan, Halle, Luke and Sophia

Big boy walking into graduation

Front and center, my big boy!

Hi mom and dad!

Too cute

Our little Knight

2015 Pre-K Graduates

Luke, Preston and Solomon

Proud parents 

Luke, Mac, Preston and Solomon

Papa, Mimi, Preston, Mommy, Daddy and Kelsey-We are all so proud of you Preston!

Blurry, but the best I got of the kids together

Hugs for big brother!