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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

San Diego with Mom

I recently got back from a wonderful trip to San Diego with my beautiful mom! We had a family friend getting married there, so we decided to go a couple of days early so we could spend some time together, just the two of us! We stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado, which was fabulous! Unfortunately, it rained for a good portion of our time there, but we didn't mind the rain much while we were being pampered in the spa! We enjoyed some delicious meals, watched sunsets despite the cold, laughed a lot, relaxed, got a mini tour of San Diego, did some shopping and most importantly we just enjoyed each others company! On the day of the wedding we did some more pampering and headed out to Boulevard, CA to the beautiful wedding. We enjoyed catching up with The Nelson's and meeting Garrett's new wife. I missed my kiddos and my hubby terribly, and couldn't wait to get back home and squeeze them, but I absolutely LOVED getting some alone time with my momma! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful mother!
The Del

Ocean View

Friendly Sea Gulls Came to Have Coffee with us


Rain finally stopped for a while

La Jolla

George's in La Jolla

Its cold
And we're being silly

Sunset is still beautiful

Glad they had blankets to bundle up in!


So nice

Walked down to the water

Ran by the ocean

Watched the waves

Went to the spa

Ready for the wedding

Garrett (the groom) and Zane (his little brother/best man

They're married

Sweet couple

Mom and Nannette

Love this lady!

Yay my kids! Couldn't wait to hug them!!
Back home to my wonderful hubby and family, missed them so much

He liked his souvenirs mom brought home

Missed these sweet kids