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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vivian Ann Mays

On Thursday May 7, 2015 we welcomed our new niece, Vivian Ann Mays into our family! She weighed 8 pounds and 4 ounces and was 21" long. Stephanie and Gene could not be more ecstatic about their sweet baby girl. Everyone is healthy, and we are so incredibly grateful for this wonderful blessing! We can't wait to watch you grow baby girl! We are so in love with you already!

Vivian's Grandparents
She's Here!

The news came of her arrival! Everyone was thrilled!!

Proud Daddy showing pictures of sweet Vivian

Preston waiting to meet his new cousin

Kelsey has no idea that her new little cousin has arrived

Proud Aunt Lana and Uncle Steve

Looking at the pictures Gene is texting from the delivery room!

Ina meeting her first grandbaby

Sweet Vivian Ann Mays

Proud daddy

Family of 3!!

Kelsey seeing her cousin for the first time

Preston meeting Vivian his youngest cousin

Our beautiful niece


Proud Mimi

Mimi and Papa with their newest grandchild

Proud new grandmother

Just thrilled

1st grandchild for Leo and Ina

Grandpa holding his first grandchild

Proud Papa with Vivian

Aunt Lana meeting Vivi

Aunt Lana, Uncle Steve and some cute little cousins

Mommy and Vvi

Precious little family

Three generations

Beyond excited

Proud Uncle Steve

Kelsey wanted to hold a baby too, so we gave her a doll
Welcome home Vivian!

Vivian is just perfect!