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Friday, May 23, 2014

Easter 2014

This Easter was so much fun! Preston actually understood what was going on this year and learned the true meaning of Easter through Resurrection Eggs. It was fun introducing him to the Easter Bunny (which he was not afraid of), doing fun Easter projects at home with him and coloring Easter eggs as a family. This year was also Miss Kelsey's 1st Easter! She was so cute in her little dresses (yes she had multiple Easter dresses). We joked that it would be like the Grammy's and she would have wardrobe changes throughout the day. She didn't actually end up wearing them all, but it was fun. Easter morning we woke up to see what the Easter bunny brought, went to church, went to the park for a while to let Preston play, went back to our new house for Easter egg hunts, BBQ with Stephen's family and since it was raining, we ended the day with some indoor confetti eggs! It made quite the mess, but it was fun! The Easter bunny brought Preston a Knight costume, he is really into dressing up like a "brave knight", so he was thrilled! He and Kelsey both got lots of other goodies, they are a little spoiled. Although my family wasn't with us this year, I talked to everyone and felt so blessed knowing all of our family is in good health and doing well! So thankful to have such a wonderful family, here in town and around Texas!
Resurrection Eggs
Sweet girl ready to meet the Easter Bunny
Easter Projects with Preston
Time to color eggs
Serious work
So proud
Pinterest inspired cake I made
The Easter Bunny came!
So excited!
My cute kids!
Look what I got!
A little park time
I found one!!
Mimi and Kels, matching
Preston loves his Mimi and Papa
Egg Time!
Brave Knight attacking momma
Preston LOVED the mess!
Kelsey wasn't so sure!