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Friday, May 23, 2014

Quick Trip to San Angelo

We had a super quick trip to San Angelo a couple of weeks ago! Mom and I had planned to take the kids down to San Angelo to help Drew and Shelly with their kids while Shelly had surgery. The kids and I traveled to Mineral Wells and picked up Nana and then we all drove to San Angelo. Preston had to go potty in the middle of nowhere, so he got his first experience of peeing on the side of the road. He thought that was hilarious! He got in the car yelling, "Nana I peed on the road!" Pretty funny. This was Uncle Drew's first time to meet Miss Kelsey, he thought she was pretty cute. We got there in time for Preston to get to ride with Uncle Drew on his Ranger or "jeep" as Preston would call it. They rode to pick up Riley and Kaylin at the bus stop. Preston thought that was pretty cool! He told us that we needed to buy a "jeep". We quickly got the kids dressed and ran to get some quick pictures for Nana of all 5 grand kids for Mother's Day. It was fast, but we managed to get some cute ones. After that it was another quick change to get ready for Kaylin's baseball game. On our way to the baseball game mom got a call from the nursing home grandma was in saying that grandma wasn't doing very well. After some contemplating and Kaylin's 1st big win, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat and head back to Mineral Wells to check on grandma. The drive back was brutal! We got in at 2am and was able to spend a couple of hours at the nursing home with grandma. We finally went home about 4am. Talk about a whirlwind trip and a serious roadtrip! 11 hours on the road in one day=one exhausted bunch!
Preston's first time peeing on the side of the road

Kelsey meeting Uncle Drew

Preston riding with Uncle Drew on the Ranger "jeep"

Preston LOVED it!

Nana snuggling with Kelsey

Happy Mother's Day Nana!

Good lookin boys-Riley and Preston

Sweet girls- Kelsey, Kaylin and Kinley