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Friday, May 23, 2014

Kelsey's Sip & See

A couple of weeks ago we had a Sip & See for Miss Kelsey. Since she was our 2nd baby, we decided we didn't want a shower (because we had most everything we needed from Preston), but instead we wanted to have a Sip & See for our friends and family to come meet our precious little girl. A couple of minutes before the party started, we had lil Miss all dressed and ready and she decided to have a little blow out. So, we had a last minute wardrobe change. I think she knew what she was doing, because I loved this little outfit, she looked adorable! We had lots of fun showing off our little princess and I had lots of fun pulling it all together. I used my grandmother's china. Since she couldn't be with us, I thought she'd be proud to know her beautiful china was still being put to good use. The decor was simple, sweet and elegant, pink and grey to match baby girl's nursery. We had a champagne bar and some finger foods. Preston had fun with a couple of his little friends (Pierce from across the street and Lola, one of my co-workers daughters). We had a good showing. Always proud to show off my kiddos and spend some time with friends and our wonderful family! I love them all SO much!
Sweet girl ready for her party

Finger Foods

Champagne bar

Sweets for our sweetie

Grandma's china

Nana and her baby girl

Preston playing with daddy

Preston and Lola, so sweet

Momma, me and my boy

We love our Nana

The Mota Family


Aunt Steph and Uncle Gene

My boys having fun

Big boy swing

The girls

The Girls and our favorite little boy

Kelsey with her Nana and Mimi

Kelsey and Mimi

Future Musician

Kelsey and Lily Grace (friend from across the street)

Too cute

Proud momma

This party stuff is exhausting!

So sleepy!