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Friday, May 23, 2014

Preston 3 years 9 months/ Kelsey 3 Months

This is my first official month as a stay at home mom! Getting to be with these kids every day and watch them grow, has been such a blessing. We have had so much fun together! I love playing knights and playing outside with Preston and getting to watch Kelsey begin to hold her rattles/teether and hear her sweet giggle she's starting to share with us. It has just been incredible! Preston goes to Mimi and papa's house on Mondays and he loves his time over there. This gives me some one on one time with Miss Kelsey. Wednesday's Steve's parents come over for a couple of hours to spend some time with both of the kids and to let me run some errands without hauling the kids around. It's been super helpful and gives me a little break. Some things the kids are into this month...Preston is really into wrestling with daddy, fighting with his swords and helping mom take care of his baby sister. This month he had one of his first experiences running through the sprinklers. We weren't planning on it, but we were outside and the sprinklers came on, so we played! He had a blast! He also took Mimi and Papa to see the movie "Bears". This was their first time at the movies with Preston, he showed them how good he is, it was fun! Kelsey has given us a couple of giggles which is super cute! I can't wait to hear her even more! She LOVES her snuggle time with daddy, holding and playing with her toys and watching her big brother. She smiles and laughs at just about anything he says/does. I can already tell she's going to look up to him. I think all of us are enjoying me being home. Stephen even likes coming home for lunch to all of us, having meals on the table at night, clean clothes all the time and things being a little more organized around here. So far, so good! Life is wonderful with this sweet family!
My sweet girl 3 months old!

Preston playing at Mimi and Papas

So alert

Happy girl

Isn't she precious?!

Playing with her toys

Alright, my own bean bag chair!

Hanging out in the playroom

Brave knight bubble time

Snuggle time with daddy

They love their daddy

My baby boy is getting SO big!

Trying to capture this moment of looking at her in her bassinet while she's still in it...not much longer :(

Big Brother (Superman) feeding "baby sister"

Preston loving on Buddy

It's a beautiful day for a bike ride...

And a nice little drive

WOOHOO! The sprinklers came on!

So excited he doesn't even know what to do

"This is the best day ever!"

Big brother reading to Kelsey

Such a snuggle bug

Love her!

That smile!

Our super hero running in the yard

Collecting rocks

Teaching Preston how to take a selfie

Rocking sister, waiting on mom to run an errand

They take good naps together

And he WINS the game!

Wrestle time with daddy

"Bears" with Mimi and Papa

Fun day at the Heard Museum with Mommy, Daddy and Kelsey