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Friday, May 23, 2014

Kelsey's 2 Months/Preston's 3 years 8 months

Everyone says time flies when you're having fun! I can't believe how quickly the time is going! Kelsey is getting growing and my baby boy is getting bigger and more independent everyday! I'm with them everyday and still amazed at how much they are growing! Kelsey has found her hands and she loves chewing on them! She has also started smiling more, she's so sweet and such a little snuggle bug. I still love how she flexes her little feet when she eats and now she holds my finger. She loves bath time and her big brother!! She really is a good baby! Preston is such a wonderful big brother, so incredibly sweet! He like to lay with Kelsey and "teach her lessons". He reviews colors with her, that's his favorite thing to teach her right now. He has also learned to ride his big boy bike! He is so proud, he rides it around the living room and kitchen, big circles, over and over! He is really into dressing up like a brave knight-"King Angus" to be exact. I love this age, he will pull together just about anything and make it a costume, its pretty cute. He sleeps with as many stuffed animals as he can possibly fit around him. He also got a fish tank and has had fun taking care of them. Life is SO good!
Big Girl!

2 months old!
Preston with "Blue" and Kels with "Pinkie"
Sweet Kiddos

Kelsey getting her first shots =(

Big brother playing with baby sister

Sweet big brother holding sisters hand

Big brave knight riding his bike


Enjoying the nice weather

Sweet girl

My lil cowboy

Daddy's girl

My world!

Kelsey's flexed feet when she's eating

Grabbing momma's finger

My boy sleeping with ALL his stuffed animals

Our new fish tank (5 glow fish)

Preston sleeping with his Knights

Sweet angel

Lovin bathtime


Snuggle bug

So Cute

My boy- King Angus

Playing with my boy at the park